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26 April 2019
Geri Allen

“Women in Jazz”

Women in jazz…

Well, from my point of view, if you are a good musician or not, people will like you or won’t – but you’ve got to be good, inspiring and believe in what you do.


I don’t think it is a matter whether you are a woman or a man.
But it does matter if you’ve been discriminated or getting less respect because you are a woman.

You might get more attention even to be famous because you are a woman who plays jazz or some other kind of non-classical music. Or maybe you play a “unique” instrument such as the trombone, bass or drums. You can be technically in good control, but if you are not inspiring, you start to overdo things or play too aggressive or gimmicky in order to stack up against other musicians – this won’t work for a long time.


I think in music, either you are good or you are not.

And if you want to know what women in jazz I like- well, I like musicians in general. But, ok women musicians with no approach of women to the music but those who enjoy and love it and do their best. I like someone who takes music in front of themselves.

In “my list” are women like Marian McPartland, Geri Allen, Dena DeRose, Melba Liston, Shirley Horn, Sarah Vaughan, Esperanza Spaulding, Shirley Scott and many more.

All of them play music and they are good at what they do and it doesn’t get a thing to do with gender and with ego.


Once again – its mine own opinion about what going on these days.
Take care and all the best:)


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