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22 April 2019

Thoughts of Today



I did not write my blog for some time because, despite the fact that many write their blogs in order to stay tuned and in a spot of light, I don’t write if I don’t have something to say.


Anyway, I would like to say something about a few musicians that maybe not too famous to the public but really appreciated by musicians. I was thinking about them lately…

One of them is the vocalist Kevin Mahogany. He was a great musician and had a beautiful voice and  improvised like an instrumentalist


Kevin was also a very kind and humble person.

I would prefer that he could sing only the “real thing” but sometimes he performed with tunes to please the public. But  I guess that happens if you make most of your a living from gigs. 

Anyway, I love many kinds of music as long as it is real, moving and inspiring.

Here are two songs by Kevin Mahogany that I like.





The other wonderful musician is a pianist Kenny Drew, Jr who is the son of Kenny Drew the pianist.

Kenny Drew, Jr. was a gifted pianist with a unique sound and approach. You can hear his classical influences. Kenny’s playing had a special touch. Kenny did beautiful musical arrangements to well-known tunes.



Unfortunately, Kenny Drew, Jr. didn’t work much lately and he passed away a few years ago…

I think Kenny Drew, Jr. definitely should be more appreciated and get much more recognition.




And Finally some thoughts about the music business today, yeah today it’s more “business” than it was before..

I think most of it is about who you know and who knows you, doing the same over and over and not as good or dedicated to the quality of the music like it was before and who will bring more audience and will sell more tickets, and publishing about themselves how great there are like oh we all surrounded by “genius” …take an example from pure musicians who were here before you and their music will last long after .

Roy Hargrove- what a wonderful musician and soul-you could learn something from him

It’s much more difficult to do what you believe in and not compromise your music or attitude in order to “make it”.

The big names of Jazz that will always be remembered were more modest and more serious and dedicated and served their art. it was quite the opposite of what’s going on today and I think it should be like that today too in order to remember and not to forget quality and good art.

What’s good will always stay around and will be appreciated.

Anyway, this is my point of view:)


Take care and all the best! Happy Holidays:)


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