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18 September 2018
Harry Whitaker

Smooth Sailing recording with Harry Whitaker

Harry Whitaker

Harry Whitaker who’s birthday is tomorrow was a wonderful pianist, musician, and a beautiful soul.

He past away a few years ago.

I was very lucky to have known him and make a CD recording with him at Planet studios in Manhattan.

Most of the musicians and I mean very famous names, respect Harry and he was their true inspiration.

Harry was a great musician who became known yet back in the ’70s. He was a very influential piano player composer, arranger, and producer. He played piano sound was fresh and distinguished played clusters of sounds, had many interesting ideas in his arrangements.

Harry Whitaker was a beautiful and modest human being and he helped many young musicians.

Harry Whitaker had and always will have his own voice and sound

We miss you, Harry.

Here is his own trio:



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