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Simona writes and sings with a flow and grace that not heard much these daysHarry Whitaker

Simona Arones is a vocalist, composer and piano player who is one of today’s most prominent vocalists. Simona made her name on Israeli jazz scene and internationally. Her singing is deeply rooted in the jazz tradition but it is also original at the same time.

Various influences blend together in her singing and writing. Besides jazz, Simona also draws her inspiration from Brazilian music, Soul and R&B. It is not surprising that her classical and jazz piano background has an impact on Simona’s singing by the use of her voice as a musical instrument.

Simona has is a BA in Jazz Piano at Rubin Academy of Music in Jerusalem and Jazz vocals at The Royal Conservatory in The Hague, Netherlands Holland. She has performed and recorded in Europe and made an album of her originals recorded in New York. 

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סימונה ארונס – זמרת מלחינה

Saturday Night Live Jazz with Alec Katz Trio

December 14 @21:00 Shablul Club TLV

WIth Alec Katz Trio

BYU Jerusalem Mormon University


Just Friends
  1. Just Friends // Simona Arones - Juat Friends
  2. Come Sunday // Simona Arones - Just Friends
  3. Giant Steps // Simona Arones - Just Friends
  4. It Don’t Mean A Thing // Aimona Arones - Just Friends
Simona- Alec-Smooth_SailingCDfront-web
Smooth Sailing
Simona- Alec-Smooth_SailingCDfront-web
  1. Spiral // Smooth Sailing
  2. Speak Low // Simona Arones - Smooth Sailing
  3. Little Boy // Simona Arones - Smooth Sailing
  4. Smooth Sailing // Simona Arones - Smooth Sailing

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Simona- Alec-Smooth_SailingCDfront-web
Spiral // Smooth Sailing
  1. Spiral // Smooth Sailing
  2. Speak Low // Simona Arones - Smooth Sailing
  3. Smooth Sailing // Simona Arones - Smooth Sailing
  4. Little Boy // Simona Arones - Smooth Sailing